Common Motorcycle Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycles are not the safest mode of transportation due to the design of the vehicle.

Motorcycles were designed to go fast but it does not have the capacity to protect you from any harm if you get into an accident unlike that of a car. This is the reason why safety gears and precautions are always emphasised to motorcycle riders because they are exposed to various injuries that can be fatal at times.

Below are the most common motorcycle injuries from Motorcycle Accidents:

  • Road rash – This injury the least fatal but can still be very painful and damaging. Road rash happens when your exposed skin gets dragged through the pavement or road during the accident. Sometimes, even when you are wearing jeans or your skin is well covered, you might still get road rash if the impact is s severe that it tears your clothes. So, when you skid or gets dragged in the motorcycle accident, the skin will still get damaged. The injury is very painful and can result in some skin surface nerve damage in more severe cases.
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  • Damage to Muscles – Results from motorcycle accidents can be unpredictable because one can never predict the protective reflex or reaction of the people involved. Other circumstances can also play a huge role in the injuries that one may sustain from motorcycle accidents. Muscles are prone to damages from motorcycle accidents because they take the impact and are susceptible to tearing either from initial impact or through flying debris and other circumstances. Muscle tears can have long-term and/or permanent effect so it is always advised to wear protective gear to help prevent this kind of injuries.


  • Biker’s Arm – This is a type of injury common to bikers because as a reflex of protecting themselves, they wrap their arms around them as they fly through the air. Thus, it is their arm that suffers and gets the initial impact when they hit the road or pavement. Other than bruising, or worse broken arm, nerves in the arms also get damaged.
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  • Broken Bones – Consider yourself very lucky if you have been in a motorcycle accident and didn’t sustain any broken bones. Unlike in cars, motorcycles don’t have the shell of the car as a protection from the initial impact on accidents. So in motorcycle accidents, other than helmet and pads that “protects” you, there’s just nothing else. So when there is a direct impact during the accident, some broken bones are almost always a result of it. Broken bones can also be from falling from the motorcycle or when something falls on you, maybe your motorcycle, during the accident.


  • Brain and Spinal Injuries – The brain and spinal cord are very fragile parts of our body and the only thing that protects them from injuries are the skull and spine respectively. But when these bones, whose only purpose are to protect the most important parts of our body, gets broken or fractured the result can be catastrophic. At best, you can get a permanent injury and at worst, you may end up dead. Helmets help protect the skull but the neck and back are still vulnerable and may still get injured anytime when the circumstances are right.
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Great care must be taken to avoid these common Motorcycle injuries from Motorcycle Accidents. The best way of preventing injuries from motorcycle accidents is to prevent motorcycle accidents.

Here’s an article about the common causes of motorcycle injuries and which injuries can be compensated for. So, if you are fond of riding a motorcycle always practice safety precautions and never drink and drive.

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