Required iPhone Apps for Lawyers and Law student

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iPhone is not just a phone for the rich and famous or a product of class, envy and struggle but a phone that has proven its worthiness amongst Lawyers and Law Student. Lawyers don’t have an easy job. They are known for their “everyday reading” lifestyle. It is no secret that Lawyers write one of the toughest exams during their Bar finals. Lawyers are meant to believe that their suffering is over after their Call to Bar ceremony. Well, we got sad news and good news for all aspiring lawyers and practising Lawyers. let’s start with the bad news; Your workload as a Lawyer is not reduced after law school, rather you should be expecting an unexpected imaginary massive workload throughout your career as a Lawyer. Here comes the light at the end of the tunnel for every lawyer using iPad and iPhone. The good news is that the apps discussed below can make your life as a Lawyer or Law student soft and creamier like your iPhone because they help reduce your legal overload. S0, these are the required iPhone apps for lawyers and law student:

  • Black’s Law Dictionary:  No mobile law library is complete without Black’s Law Dictionary. With more than 40,000 definitions and Westlaw hyperlinks, this app is a convenient version of the 1,700 page, 6-pound text. It also includes audio pronunciations of more than 7,000 terms so you won’t look like a total idiot by mispronouncing a term in class. it is a legal resource for lawyers, law students, and anybody interested in the field of law. Has more than 43,000 definitions.
  • iPunch Clock – This handy little app is like your own appointment setter right on your mobile device. It helps you keep track of appointments, meetings, court dates, and even the little day-to-day activities. A must have in a busy world.
  • iStudiez Pro: Organization is key to keeping your sanity in law school. iStudiez lets you organise your schedule, assignments, study group dates, push alarms and includes colour labels—all the better to separate class, study and fun time.
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  • Court Days – Date Calculator for Lawyers:  a handy iPhone application for lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries that make managing court days convenient on the go.
  • BarMax: this app attracted a lot of attention for being super expensive. But it’s a solid BAR examination preparation app for iPhone. Has over a thousand real exam questions as well.
  • FML Official: for those times when life really sucks and you need to broadcast your frustration, there’s FML (or F#ck My Life). allows users to describe why their life is in the crapper and readers can vote “I agree, your life sucks” or “you totally deserved it.”
  • Law in a Flash: Torts:  this is a very handy application for those who are planning to take an advanced law examination. The flash card approach can certainly help you master the concepts.
  • LawStack:  a free, comprehensive library of law that you can put your iPhone and take with you on the road. Covers bankruptcy, civil, and criminal procedures along with other topics.
  • Barbri: The BARBRI app allows students enrolled in the program to access lectures, questions, and outlines to prepare for the bar exam. (free)
  • Legal Terms Pro: is a professional level Legal glossary for iPhone. It gives you access to the definitions you need fast. So don’t get frightened by all does legal terminology you hear in court.
  • Fitz Collins Apps for iPhone: a collection of iPhone application that covers every topic you need to be familiar with to become a master at law.
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