7 Most Common Reasons Why Clients lose their Court Case

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Ever wondered if you might lose your family law suit or that patent case of yours? Well, we shall be looking at some of the reasons why clients lose their court case to help you increase your law suit winning chances. Our goal is not to give you victory 100% of the time but to give you an insight on how you can avoid losing most of the times.

To constantly win at something, a person must be ready to avoid some losing habits.

So what are the reasons why clients lose their court case?

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The most common reasons clients lose their law suit are:

  • Ego
  • Anger
  • Lack of trust
  • Lack of funds
  • over anxiety
  • spirituality
  • Using inexperienced lawyers

1.) EGO: Ego tops the list because a lot of cases are not even supposed to be in the court in the first place but a lot of people will not just opt out of any legal challenge because they want to prove one point or the other to their opponent or feed the lustful watching eyes of the masses. Some issues can actually be negotiated with little concession and compromise from parties. Most clients simply lose their cases because they only wanted to prove a point to their opponent or rival. Ego is not totally a bad thing for a human to have but knowing where to draw the line is key to any client that want to always win their legal battles in court. Diana, a business woman in Dubai acknowledged that the suit between her and her old time business partner, Janet was something she had the opportunity to settle out of the court but she refused because she wanted to prove to her she was more educated and connected. All attempt to settle their disputes amicably was frustrated by her. She lost the friendship and law suit. She regrets taking such steps. One must learn to keep their ego down when having a case in court and be able to think more rationally by detaching their emotions in such circumstances as a little compromise between parties can easily take the case out of court and hence avoid losing the law suit.

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2.) ANGER: This is closely related to Ego, the difference is the motive. Anger makes most client not to see their case clearly, so they push such emotions to their lawyer who if not careful might operate from such pedestal unconsciously. However, lawyers are trained to act without emotions when dealing with a client’s brief. The sad news is that a lawyer is first a human before a lawyer. They still stand the risk of being influenced by what their client says and acts. Also, anger affects the information sharing between the client and the lawyer. The client might intentionally withhold some information due to his lack of mental clarity of the law suit. Also, a client who is angry can declare too much information in the public and that might be detrimental to his case in court later on. An example is a client boasting unguardedly that he will kill his rival with a gun and the reality of such comes to light without the client actually pulling a trigger, this shows great intent during the trial proper.

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3.) LACK OF TRUST: Some clients are afraid of sharing some sensitive information about the case to their lawyer and this can end up destroying the case for them. A lawyer’s tool is the information before him and so if uninformed about the case in detail, such a lawyer can likely lose the case because of his unpreparedness for such surprises in court.

4.) LACK OF FUND: This is a popular reason as client sometimes have no fund to even pay their lawyer. Justice they say is not free and most times for you to get justice you must be ready to pay the high price for it. Sometimes clients renegade on their payment with their lawyer and this dampens the spirit of the lawyer who becomes less active in the client’s case. This goes a long way to destroy the good case such lawyer might have earlier raised in court as such lawyer might decide to leave the case or not be fully committed to it as they intentionally miss some court days with different flimsy excuses. Also, some client lacks the financial capacity and ability to appeal their case which might have been upturned or reversed in a higher court.

4.) OVER ANXIETY: Clients are sometimes over worried and overburdened with the thought of their case that they use such panic to spoil such cases in court. Some client because of such panic can easily fumble during cross-examination. Also, they expose too much of their case to the wrong people out of anxiety and worries, which might have been a well-structured strategy or plan which their lawyer might have earlier informed them he intends to use for their case.

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5.) SPIRITUALITY: The belief in a supernatural being to help you fix your legal problems is usually high amongst clients. Some client prioritizes their spirituality over full preparation for their case. Having a case in court is like having an exam, so one must have a game plan. Clients forget that God or any other being they believe in to help them in their legal challenges also has its own lay-down laws and principles. In as much as one is expected to pray and also have faith in God, they are also expected to strategically plan for their legal victories in court.

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6). USING INEXPERIENCED LAWYER: This also one of the major reasons why clients lose their court case. There is no doubt that the captain of a ship if inexperienced can easily collapse the ship. So if you have an inexperienced lawyer trolling your ship, you might be on your way to losing your legal case in court.

So as a client, watch-out for this pitfalls to increase your chances of winning your law suit.

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