Things to Look for When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Do you know what to look for in a personal injury lawyer before hiring? Personal injury lawsuits have become very common in the US as are the cases of personal injury.

According to the National Centre for Health Statistics, every year approximately 31 million cases of personal injury is reported across the country. so we shall be discussing the things to look for when hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer.

Here are a few quick tips on what to consider before choosing a personal injury lawyer.

#1. Expertise

Before you choose a personal injury lawyer, make sure he is well acquainted with the personal injury laws of your state.

#2. Experience

You need to ensure that he has a considerable amount of experience in the field. Find out for how long he has been practising and also his past records as a personal injury lawyer.

#3. Reliability

When you choose a lawyer you are entrusting them with a serious duty that is to ensure justice for you. Hence he should be reliable and worthy of the duty. You can talk to his former clients to be assured of his reliability.

#4. Reviews

You can consult the third party review sites like the Yelp, Super Lawyers etc. to get a proper idea about a lawyer. You can also contact his past clients for feedback on him.

#5. Credentials

Inquire about their educational qualifications and also their work experience.

#6. Find a Lawyer According to the Case

The high profile cases need more experienced lawyers and thus their fees would also shoot up. Therefore, find someone with a more affordable fee structure for medium to low profile cases.

#7. Gimmick Free

Lavish offices and smart advertisements do not stand for efficiency. Hence, never fall for such showiness.

#8. Seriousness

They should be serious about their job. It should mean to him as much as it means to you.

These were some of the qualities that you need to look out for when choosing a personal injury lawyer. Have a look at the following infographic shared by La Law Firm for more elaborate explanation.

Author Bio: My name is Luis Avila and by profession, I’m a lawyer focused on trial work and personal injury law, With more than 30 years of Experience in the Law Firm.


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  1. Aronberg Law Avatar
    Aronberg Law

    Thank you for your valuable resources, keep sharing information like this.

  2. kylewayne182 Avatar

    It really helped that you talked about finding someone who has been in practice for a long time. My buddy is looking to hire a personal injury lawyer but wants to find someone he can rely on. I’ll be sure to talk to him about hiring a professional who has a lot of experience.

  3. James Anderson Avatar
    James Anderson

    I like it when you said that contacting a personal injury lawyer’s past clients is a good way to check how he/she performed when handling that client’s case. My brother got injured at work and needs the assistance of a personal injury lawyer for compensation. I’ll mention this to him so that he can choose his lawyer based on good evaluation from previous clients.

  4. Elsa Anderson Avatar
    Elsa Anderson

    Thank you for sharing your fancy illustration when hiring a personal injury lawyer. I find all these practical, especially when you said to perform background checks to those clients that your prospective lawyer have previously serviced with. I think talking to two people and identifying their common answers whether positive or negative will make a reliable feedback for me to decide whether I should entrust him with the case or otherwise. I’ll keep that in mind for my future needs and reference.

  5. Millie Hue Avatar
    Millie Hue

    It really helped when you said that it would be best to read reviews and contact their previous clients to ensure that you are hiring a good one. I will share this tip with my best friend who has been in an accident this morning due to faulty brakes. This information will help her hire the right person to get the full compensation that she needs. Thanks!

  6. Amy Winters Avatar
    Amy Winters

    I like your suggestion to talk to a lawyer’s past clients to make sure the one you choose is reliable and reputable. My husband and I were in a car accident recently and want to find a personal injury lawyer to help us get compensation for our medical bills. I wasn’t really sure how to go about finding a good lawyer, so your tip to speak with their previous clients will really help us out!

  7. Daphne Gilpin Avatar
    Daphne Gilpin

    I like your suggestion to talk with the previous clients of potential personal injury attorney’s to make sure the one you hire is reliable. My husband was recently injured in a slip and fall accident at the grocery store, so we want to find a good personal injury lawyer to help us get compensation. I wasn’t sure what steps to take as we try to make this decision, so your tip to talk to past clients is really appreciated!

  8. Millie Hue Avatar
    Millie Hue

    It really helped when you said that we should read reviews from third-party websites. As you mentioned, it will give us a proper idea regarding the services of the specific lawyer. I will follow your tip to ensure that we hire a reliable one to help us get our claims since we got into an accident this morning due to skidding on an ice road on the way to work.

  9. I liked that you mentioned you need to consider the experience of a personal injury lawyer before hiring him for your case. My husband’s brother got injured at work, and we are looking for advice. I will let him know about the benefits of hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer to help his brother.

  10. I was not aware that it is recommended to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer that is familiarized with the laws in your state. My wife cut herself with a tool at work and got injured, so we are looking for advice to help her. I will let her know about the benefits of hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer to help her get the maximum compensation for her injury.

  11. This article helps me a lot. Thanks for sharing valuable information.

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