Category: Wills

  • Types of Wills and what you need to know about them

    There are several types of Wills. A Will is a written or oral testament of how a person wants his property shared upon his demise. It must be voluntary written to be valid without force or undue influence. A testator must also have the capacity to make a Will for such a Will to be […]

  • Capacity to make a Will and its effects

    Capacity to make a Will is one of the key conditions necessary for the validity of a will. One’s capacity to make a Will is determined from their legal and mental capacity. Legal Capacity to make a Will Under Common law, the legal and mental capacity of someone to make a Will is referred to […]

  • Advantages of making a Will – 10 benefits

    Advantages of making a will are quite numerous. However, we will be looking at some of the benefits and advantages of making a will in detail. A will is a testamentary document made by a testator to guide, direct and control his affairs/properties upon his death. Now let’s look at 10 benefits/advantages of making a […]

  • Difference between Wills and Trusts

    The similarities or difference between Wills and Trusts brings a lot of confusion for those in and out of the legal industry.  This writeup intends to bring to fore the difference between wills and trusts.  wills and trusts have been a term used interchangeably by novice and expert alike in the legal and quasi-legal industry. Did you […]

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