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  • All You need to know about Eligible Customer Status Application

    All You need to know about Eligible Customer Status Application

    The Eligible Customer Regulation was developed by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to facilitate competition and access to electricity supply for high-end users in Nigeria who are either unserved or underserved. N.B: Electricity tariff in Nigeria has also created some disparities amongst users. Through the Eligible customer regulations, power Generating companies (Gencos) with uncontracted […]

  • What is a Civil Court Case? How to Prepare for a Civil Case

    The question of what is a civil court case is a familiar question. What is a Civil Court Case is always asked in most legal gathering or platform by non-lawyers and lawyers alike. A Civil Court Case is simply a court case that is civil in nature. It is every case that is not criminal. […]

  • Car wreck lawyer – why you should hire one?

    The guidance of a reliable car wreck lawyer can go a long way in reducing the amount of paperwork and hassles involved in a case. Should I get an attorney after a car accident? Car accidents are quite common these days. It does not matter whose fault it is, car wrecking can create a lot […]

  • How to compile and transmit Record of Appeal

    Knowing how to compile and transmit Record of Appeal is very important for every lawyer. Transmitting Record of Appeal can seem scary a thing to do. My mission is not to frighten you, but to serve as a guide for you. Before we talk about the ABC steps of compiling and transmitting a Record of […]

  • Intellectual Property Law – What you should know

    Intellectual Property Law deals with areas of one’s intelligence. This area of law protects creative works, artistic works, inventions, etc. Intellectual property law deals more with the intangible works or property of a person. Under Intellectual Property Law, a person gets a unique form of protection for the ownership of his literal works, discoveries, and […]

  • Difference between Wills and Trusts

    The similarities or difference between Wills and Trusts brings a lot of confusion for those in and out of the legal industry.  This writeup intends to bring to fore the difference between wills and trusts.  wills and trusts have been a term used interchangeably by novice and expert alike in the legal and quasi-legal industry. Did you […]

  • How to Move a Motion in Court – All the details

    How to Move a Motion in Court – All the details

    Knowing how to move a Motion in court is fundamental for any lawyer in Nigeria. Moving a Motion in a Nigeria court can seem quite easy. However, for the new wigs and sometimes the old-timers in the legal profession, this is no small task. I have had some terrible experiences with this, hence my eagerness […]

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