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  • Top 5 “wahala be like bicycle” situation in law

    The top five “wahala be like bicycle” situation in law is looked at in this writeup. When people say “Wahala be like bicycle” in Nigeria, it simply means that some simple actions can easily lead to a lot of problems or consequences. It also means man’s problem in life is endless.     In regards […]

  • How to file for divorce in Nigeria – Grounds for Divorce

    Knowing how to file for divorce in Nigeria is handy whether you want to file for a divorce or not in Nigeria. The sole ground for filing a divorce in Nigeria is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably (see S.15(1) of the Matrimonial Causes Act). There are so many things one have to consider […]

  • Car wreck lawyer – why you should hire one?

    The guidance of a reliable car wreck lawyer can go a long way in reducing the amount of paperwork and hassles involved in a case. Should I get an attorney after a car accident? Car accidents are quite common these days. It does not matter whose fault it is, car wrecking can create a lot […]

  • Advantages of making a Will – 10 benefits

    Advantages of making a will are quite numerous. However, we will be looking at some of the benefits and advantages of making a will in detail. A will is a testamentary document made by a testator to guide, direct and control his affairs/properties upon his death. Now let’s look at 10 benefits/advantages of making a […]

  • Getting rid of Overdue Debt – Consolidation law

    A small word “overdue debt” can become the cause of major health breakdown for a person, and it happens in many cases. Debt gives immense stress, especially when you are in short or long-term financial crunch. People at times find it difficult to manage their overdue debt for many reasons. Some of the reasons are […]

  • Role of Immigration Attorney to solve your immigration cases

    Life in the USA is just amazing. Most people think of staying in the USA. Many people think of immigration to this place due to some reasons such as excellent job opportunities, education, better business growth and more. Sometimes immigration brings new and attractive opportunities and also opens many doors for development. Hence, we take […]

  • 3 Actionable Ways to Successfully Re-Brand Your Law Firm

    We shall consider three actionable ways to successfully re-brand your law firm. A brand is much more than the word implies. Whereas ‘to brand’ means to attach identification to something – as in branding cattle and such. these days law firm branding is more about getting your audience to understand the overall experience. Think of […]

  • Things to Look for When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

    Do you know what to look for in a personal injury lawyer before hiring? Personal injury lawsuits have become very common in the US as are the cases of personal injury. According to the National Centre for Health Statistics, every year approximately 31 million cases of personal injury is reported across the country. so we […]

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