How to Seduce a Lawyer: 10 Secrets Exposed

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Lawyers are somewhat complicated and anyone trying to woo a lawyer must be fully equipped with some skills in their arsenal. Having a lawyer as a partner is intriguing, so if you must have an adventurous relationship with such complicated species, then you need to understand how to seduce a lawyer.

If you find someone attractive, you try to make them find you attractive. That is called seduction (Jonathan King)

Tools/Skills Needed to Seduce a Lawyer

 1.) Intelligence: To woo a lawyer, you should be quite intelligent or perhaps seemed intelligent. A lawyer is trained to think on his feet, so if you must woo a lawyer, you have to think one step ahead of him. Lawyers are always craving for intellectual discussion or conversation. Their drive to learn something new will make them cling to you if they feel they can always learn something new from you. Lawyers like to know a bit of everything, so the good news is you don’t need to teach them anything related to law. Shock a lawyer with your amount of knowledge and you will get a loyal “dog”.

2.) Humour: Lawyers, unfortunately, are among the few professionals that have few exciting days. Life as a lawyer is always stressful, complex and draining. So for you to woo a lawyer, you must add some humour and laughter in your approach to seduce them as they yearn for some humour in their lives. Engage her with a great joke and she will be love stuck.

3.) Be the Escape: Law is already stressful enough for lawyers, find a way to take him or her away from the law nest to the love nest. Bright A., an Energy Lawyer in Nigeria, feels he is always intrigued by women that can take him away from the stress or boredom of the law. So endeavour to take him/her to some fun places, invited her to the movies by dropping movie tickets in her bag, etc. Show her a world where she is not a lawyer but a woman. Avoid intense legal discussion. Add some excitement to the game plan when seducing a lawyer. Lawyers are already bored from their legal lifestyle and the only relaxing spot for them is definitely not an intense legal discussion with a “Wannabe Lover”, this will definitely spoil the romantic mood. A little legal discussion is ideal and helpful but be careful not to stretch it as he will end up putting you in a “legal friend zone” which is definitely not where you want to be.

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4.) Use of legal keywords or terms: Knowing how to seduce a lawyer without some basic legal keys will be frustrating. A lawyer like any other being is aligned to some symbols. Legal terms are part of a lawyer’s symbol and by learning to use them, you will intrigue the curiosity of a lawyer. If you can intrigue her, you can win her over. However, be moderate with such legal terms and avoid using it heavily during such romantic escapade. Call her “My Sexy Counsel”, “My Beautiful Attorney”, “My Unbiased Love Judge”, “My Lady”, “Your Honour”, etc., when you are in a conversation with her. Once she smiles, you have succeeded in wooing her. Just be creative with the millions of law keywords available in the world.

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 5.) Reading: Lawyers are condemned to be readers as their profession is about constant learning and reading. Your love for reading will definitely draw a lawyer close, try to show them you love to read and you will have a lawyer as a companion discussing the latest books to read.

6.) Compliment: Always make effort to compliment him or her. Lawyers are egocentric, feed their ego. Tell her how beautiful and passionate she is when she does her job. Remind her of her birthday ahead of anyone and make her understand how important her job is to the community or country. While you sharpen your skill set on how to seduce a lawyer, avoid wrong and impulsive compliment. Be timeous with your compliment and try to look her straight in the eyes when you compliment her.

7.) Be Classic: Well, to seduce a lawyer, you must exhibit some class. Be ready to mix sexiness with nerdiness. Lawyers love to identify themselves with classic people not necessarily rich people. Add some colours to your dress code, add some style to your spoken English or words. Be bold and creative with your admiration for her or him.  Show her you are well ahead of your game. Be the Swag “god” or “goddess” and you will have a faithful lawyer as a constant worshipper in your temple.

8.) Spontaneity: This is really a big deal when you intend to seduce a lawyer because lawyers pride themselves as beings worthy of adoration in a conversation. The catch here is that lawyers are generally trained to think fast and if you can beat them, they will be thrilled. Lawyers psychologically yearn for some spontaneity in their lives. This process makes them indirectly ready for their legal work which comes with a lot of daily surprises. Any Lawyer will be intrigued to know you know what to do or know what to say at each given time.

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9.) Maintain Some Distance: Keep the seduction away from her work. Because attorneys are bound by strict codes of professional conduct, avoid trying to seduce a lawyer at her firm or in the courtroom. Don’t go stalking her everywhere, lawyers love their space and freedom. Any attempt to undermine such freedom or space will be counter-productive to the chase. Flirt with her at parties, happy hour, outings, or during other social events so that she can relax and won’t have to worry about damaging her career.

10.) Use Social Media: Lawyers Check their emails and phone messages often so make it worth a while for them. Ninety-five percent of the email or text a lawyer receives in a day will be terribly boring. Surprise him with a sexy picture often, and you’ll drive him wild with anticipation. RED FLAGS: Just make sure you don’t send it to his work email address, since his firm may be monitoring it closely.

BONUS: Be yourself.

Best of luck.


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3 thoughts on “How to Seduce a Lawyer: 10 Secrets Exposed

  • October 12, 2017 at 6:05 pm

    Perfectly put, if I knew dis tips some years back the greatest crush of my life will probably not be married to another guy. Thanks legal panic.

  • October 18, 2017 at 6:03 am

    Nice one team Legal panic. Albiet, it’s seems to be with bias to lawyer’s husband’s wannabees; what about tips for ladies who’ll want to seduce a handsome, smart male lawyer like Bright A.?

  • October 27, 2017 at 12:57 am

    Great. Add a point that lawyers keep client on priority, so if he or she cancels dating, don’t express that you are not happy but just made him/her to feel that the dating is cancelled by him/her. Just pretend that you have not taken this into your mind. If you complain, lawyers will start thinking if this relation jeopardizes their work and client. If so, lawyers will choose client and not you. Give opportunity of self realisation that he/she is treating you secondarily.


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