Top 5 “wahala be like bicycle” situation in law

The top five “wahala be like bicycle” situation in law is looked at in this writeup. When people say “Wahala be like bicycle” in Nigeria, it simply means that some simple actions can easily lead to a lot of problems or consequences. It also means man’s problem in life is endless.


Wahala be like bicycle


In regards to the law, there are some situations where you think you’re helping someone, and at the end of the day, it becomes a problem for you. So I’m looking at some of these “wahala be like bicycle” situation in law, and why you should avoid such situation if possible.

This writeup intends to make sure you avoid such “wahala be like bicycle” situation where you might likely suffer unjustly due to your kind actions. The following are some of the top situations that put you in such dilemmas.

1. Receiving or keeping Stolen property

The law presumes that if stolen properties are found in your care, it means you are the one that stole that property.

So by helping a friend or stranger keep such stolen goods; you can be convicted for a crime you do not know about; except you can prove that the goods were not stolen by you; and you also didn’t know the stolen goods were actually stolen.

So while trying to help someone to keep their things, be very careful to know who owns such property and where is it coming from. Don’t just keep a stolen property in your possession.

At the end of the day, you will have to show cause or show reasons that you were not the one that stole the property and that you didn’t know it is stolen property. So it means that you cannot say I did not know and stop at that point.

2. Giving out Account Numbers.

When you give people your account number, and someone sends money to such account, and such funds are proceeds of crime; it means you can be arrested for such kind of situation.

I once had a client that had such a situation. It was terrible for her. She was arrested, we had to seek her bail, and also had to convince the police. It was during the investigation, that the police got to find out that she was used as bait to steal someone else money.

In a situation where someone sends money to your account from the proceeds of crime, you can be convicted for such a crime that you may not even know about. Be careful before while giving out your accounts number.


3. Delivering goods or packages for people

Where someone gives you goods to deliver on their behalf and you’re not sure what’s inside; don’t do it. Don’t do this especially when you’re travelling outside the country; sometimes narcotics, cocaine, etc. can be in such a bag.

So please be very careful don’t just take goods or take anything from one place to another when you are not sure of the content.

So when a friend or stranger asks that you deliver a good to someone somewhere. Please make sure you know what is in that bag. So as to avoid such a situation where you are arrested for something you do not know, please be very careful.

Check what is in every bag, packages or anything that involves transporting to someone else. I once had a client that was arrested for transporting narcotics and she never knew she had such things. So be very careful in delivering goods or any tangible item to a third party. Always make sure you know what is in every particular bag or box.

4. Standing as a Surety for someone in order to enforce their bail in a criminal case

Sometimes, people call upon their friends or family members to stand as a surety for them. This can seem like a compassionate appeal and one might be tempted to want to help such a person.

However, my advice will be that you should at least know the person very well before you commit to such legal favours. Please be very careful, because if the person jumps bail, you might be arrested.

Although, the law is very clear and it states that when someone jumps bail, the surety is meant to lose the bail sum on the bail bond and not to be arrested perse, except the surety is unable to fulfil the bail sum.

5. Standing as a Guarantor for a Debt, Contract or Hire Purchase Agreement

Don’t just fill any guarantor’s form without any caution. Make sure you can vouch for this person. You know their house, details relating to their family and any other personal information. This will serve as a protection for you in case such a person defaults.

Be very careful before you sign any guarantor’s form. You might not be held liable for criminal action, but you might be held for civil action if such a person is unable to pay their debts, or unable to complete their contract or enforce such contract.

So this is our top 5 “Wahala be like bicycle” situation in law. Thank you for your time.


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