Trends that Revolutionized Android App Development

So this writeup shall be looking at the five top trends that have revolutionized android app development in 2019. It is undeniably true that the Android platform accounts for the majority of mobile app users across the world and its disruption into the tech space is largely seen.

Trends that Revolutionized Android App Development

Moreover, the Google Play Store features more than 2.5 million apps as of August 2017 and will exceed 3 to 5 folds by the year 2020. The craving for such huge demand and people’s increased interest in using Android mobile devices, the industry has just got a few more new trends and appraisals in the year 2017.

Instant apps are trending higher in 2019

Unlike traditional apps, the instant app is a whole new concept that features instant apps that are not installed in full size on your mobile device. It is more like just a simple web page and just a few clicks away the users can use it the way they want while incurring minimal storage and downloading load on their device and internet connection.

Improved Android app security is on top of the list

Providing absolute security and privacy to Android users has crawled up the ladder of top android trends in 2017 with a much faster pace. Following such a huge demand for engaging with online payments and transactions directly from the mobile devices by the users, an Android app developer in California said that it has become more important than anything else.

Micro apps are gaining greater momentum in 2017

Micro apps have become another top trending android app development value addition in the year 2017.

From general mobile app users up to high-end enterprise-level users, the concept of micro-apps has started proving to be another cutting edge value addition in the area of Android apps.

Virtual reality is reaching newer horizons

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have unquestionably become one of the top trending areas for android app development in 2017.

From gaming and entertainment apps up to more professional healthcare and retail android mobile apps, AR and VR have started to boom across the entire Android platform.

Machine learning has started contributing the best to app providers

Artificial intelligence integrated Android mobile apps are trending higher than anything else in the year 2017. All the big names for android app developer in California agreed that there is a number of value-added benefits of integrating machine learning into Android apps, as this will change all in Android app development.


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