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  • How to file for divorce in Nigeria – Grounds for Divorce

    Knowing how to file for divorce in Nigeria is handy whether you want to file for a divorce or not in Nigeria. The sole ground for filing a divorce in Nigeria is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably (see S.15(1) of the Matrimonial Causes Act). There are so many things one have to consider […]

  • How to Host Zoom Meetings via a phone or computer

    This post will be helping you out on how to host zoom meetings via your phone or computer. To host a zoom meeting, you need to have a zoom app and sign in properly. Note that zoom meetings with more than 3 participants last for 40 minutes for the free zoom app. Zoom meetings currently […]

  • How to Access the N100 Billion Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Intervention fund for the Healthcare Industry

    Here, we will be discussing how to access the N100 Billion Central Bank of Nigeria intervention fund for the Healthcare Industry during and after the COVID-19 pandemic era. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affects virtually all spheres of the economy. Therefore the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in its efforts to cushion the impact of the […]

  • How to Create a Facebook Page for Business

    Why use Facebook for fun only? If you have a business, no matter the size you should learn how to create a Facebook page for business. With a reach of 2 billion users worldwide, you are guaranteed to meet a lot of customers – if you play your cards right. If you own a small […]

  • How to register a company in Nigeria – all baby steps

    Knowing how to register a company in Nigeria is a major concern for entrepreneurs. However,  this knowledge leads them to a lot of legal terms that confuses them. For instance, LLC, ltd, Ultd (Do not panic, we will break down all these corporate acronyms in another post), etc. Now the thrust of this article is […]

  • What is a Civil Court Case? How to Prepare for a Civil Case

    The question of what is a civil court case is a familiar question. What is a Civil Court Case is always asked in most legal gathering or platform by non-lawyers and lawyers alike. A Civil Court Case is simply a court case that is civil in nature. It is every case that is not criminal. […]

  • How to start an NGO in Nigeria – the ABC guide

    Knowing how to start an NGO in Nigeria is always a concern for a lot of people in Nigeria. To know how to start an NGO in Nigeria, one must know the meaning of NGO, IT and CAC: NGO – Non-Governmental Organisation IT- Incorporated Trustees CAC – Corporate Affairs Commission Moving forward, down your street, […]

  • How to make your Boss like You – 10 tips

    Knowing how to make your boss like you is important for any employee that is serious about increasing his/her career growth. More often than not, people complain about the ill treatment they get from their bosses in the office. It is also no news that some bosses are out to frustrate your effort while others […]

  • How to compile and transmit Record of Appeal

    Knowing how to compile and transmit Record of Appeal is very important for every lawyer. Transmitting Record of Appeal can seem scary a thing to do. My mission is not to frighten you, but to serve as a guide for you. Before we talk about the ABC steps of compiling and transmitting a Record of […]

  • how to apply for CTC of a Court ruling or order

    Ever struggled with the procedures of applying for a Certified Copy of a Court ruling or Order? Well, I have been there and my goal is to put you on the simple steps of getting the Certified True Copy (CTC) of a court ruling or order. My intentions are to remove every worry or fear you […]

  • How to Seduce a Lawyer – 10 Secrets Exposed

    In other to know how to seduce a lawyer, one must be fully equipped with some lofty skills in their arsenal. Lawyers are usually complicated and seducing them is not always a walk in the park. Having a lawyer as a partner is intriguing, fun and adventurous. If you must have an adventurous relationship with […]

  • How to Conduct a Search at the Lagos Land Registry

    Knowing how to conduct a land search at the Lagos Land Registry is as simple as eating your breakfast. So, what do you need to conduct a search at the Lagos Land Registry? While you rejoice, don’t feel too relaxed as some technicalities are however involved for non-lawyers. Requirement needed to conduct a search at the […]

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