What is Facebook marketplace? all the answers

What is facebook marketplace is a question a lot of people today seek the answer to in the global space.

Facebook, Inc. is so great at innovations. Without being modest, Facebook is perhaps the most powerful social media platform ever created.

Facebook marketplace buy sell - What is facebook marketplace?

This is perhaps why FB (the popular name for facebook) continually and effortlessly wins the heart of a lot of people even after so many years of its emergence into the social media world.

So What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is just a digital market where sellers and buyers can meet. It is digital space on Facebook, where FB users can arrange, buy and sell their products with other people in their area. This digital market has the potential to compete with some of the greatest e-commerce giants; the likes of Amazon, eBay, etc, in the near future. Users can do the following on the platform:

  • Browse and search for items to buy
  • Shows the location of the seller and buyer
  • Shows categories of items to purchase
  • custom/customise bidding of items
  • Send messages to sellers/buyers to arrange a transaction.
  • Create a list of the items they want to purchase
  • Check previous and current transactions and messages which is under the “Your Items” sessions.

How to put pictures of items?

You can simply use the camera function from the app to create images of your items or simply upload already available pictures from your phone into the app.

How Facebook Marketplace handles transactions of users

All transactions take place outside the app, and Facebook is not responsible for any legal responsibility.

What to sell or buy on the platform?

You can sell or buy a lot of things on FB Marketplace. FB made things easy as you can easily get a notification as a buyer or seller on your items. People sell things like:

  • Cars
  • Accessories
  • Gadgets
  • Wears, etc

How to use Facebook Marketplace to buy or sell?

You can get access to facebook marketplace on the Facebook App. The Facebook Marketplace Icon is a shop at the bottom of your Facebook app. You will see it on the news feeds. Click on it and either make yourself a buyer or seller. You can also access the Facebook Marketplace on the Facebook website at the top left of your facebook page. 

You can simply use your Android or iPhone to check out the amazing features of the Facebook Marketplace. 

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