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  • How to use WeChat for Business – 5 tips

    How to use WeChat for Business – 5 tips

    You have probably heard about the amazing and popular Chinese app called WeChat, but maybe you never knew it was time to incorporate it into your business. My job here is to motivate you to start using WeChat for business. The question of how to use WeChat for Business is answered in this post. I […]

  • Cryptocurrency – The Revolution of a Digital Economy

    Cryptocurrency – The Revolution of a Digital Economy can’t be explained without looking at the beginning of money. Cryptocurrency – The Beginning of money Technology never waits for man. The world we live in is constantly changing from various technological innovations.   Recently, one of such technological innovations is affecting the way we transact financially. […]

  • How to Host Zoom Meetings via a phone or computer

    This post will be helping you out on how to host zoom meetings via your phone or computer. To host a zoom meeting, you need to have a zoom app and sign in properly. Note that zoom meetings with more than 3 participants last for 40 minutes for the free zoom app. Zoom meetings currently […]

  • What is Facebook marketplace? all the answers

    What is facebook marketplace is a question a lot of people today seek the answer to in the global space. Facebook, Inc. is so great at innovations. Without being modest, Facebook is perhaps the most powerful social media platform ever created. This is perhaps why FB (the popular name for facebook) continually and effortlessly wins […]

  • Google docs App – How does Google Docs work

    Google Docs app is perhaps one app everybody should have in their stock of apps. The app is one of the numerous apps offered by Google (the search engine giant). Google Docs app is a word processor app that has its web version on Google Chrome as part of the native apps attached to the […]

  • Trends that Revolutionized Android App Development

    So this writeup shall be looking at the five top trends that have revolutionized android app development in 2019. It is undeniably true that the Android platform accounts for the majority of mobile app users across the world and its disruption into the tech space is largely seen. Moreover, the Google Play Store features more […]

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