How to get Google AdSense Approval fast

We will look at how to get Google AdSense approval for your blog really fast. I don’t want you to be denied once, twice or thrice or up to seven times like me. Personally, I was rejected seven (7) times by Google when I made my own Google AdSense application.

I have been down there before, so I understand if you have tried and failed in the process before. You definitely have been doing some things wrongly. I will be putting you through and making sure you get your Google AdSense approval really quick. You will also understand why you should target high CPC keywords and unique keywords after reading this.


How to get Google AdSense Approval fast


Some people might want to ask what is Google AdSense. You probably might be hearing about it for the first time. Google AdSense is simply the platform Google uses to pay bloggers, website owners, YouTubers, etc., for the content they have on their website or YouTube page while putting adverts on such websites or platforms.

You can visit the Google AdSense login or signup page to get more details about what Google Adsense is all about.

Although there are a lot of Google AdSense alternatives; I still recommend Google AdSense as my first choice for its popularity and its consistency. So let’s leave google Ads alternative and Google AdSense alternative for now.

I will be sharing 11 tips that will help you in your Google AdSense application. These tips I will be sharing with you are gotten from painstaking research, and proven techniques. I have helped a lot of people in their Google AdSense application.



Tips for Getting Google AdSense approval

The blog should be 3 to 6 months old

This condition is usually for people in China or India. However, Google still allows bloggers in those places to apply immediately for their Google AdSense approval. I will be advising you to wait a while before applying for your Google AdSense approval after registering your domain. Make sure your domain has lasted for a while, like some few months or at least a few weeks before you apply for Google AdSense. The rule of thumb is to wait three months to six months before you make your Google AdSense application. I recommend Namecheap and Bluehost for your Domain hosting services.

Make sure your blog is ready before you apply – Post Consistently

A lot of people are in a hurry to just apply for their Google AdSense after registering their domain name. However, I will ask you to be patient, and make sure your structure as to your title, metadata, meta title, and all little details regarding your website is properly placed. Make sure you have at least 15 – 30 blog posts before you apply for Google AdSense. Most bloggers fall into the trap of applying for Google AdSense when they still have a lot of blank pages, blank categories, blank tags or 404 errors. Before you apply for Google AdSense make sure you go through your website and make sure all these things are fixed before you apply for Google AdSense.

Make sure you apply using a root domain

Having a website when you have for instance might not be favourable for your application. However, Google is not really strict about this but it is advisable that you apply with your root domain. For instance Make sure it is just legalpanic and .com not have a

Be serious about your choice of content images and write-ups

Avoid copying and pasting copyrighted content. A lot of new bloggers fall into this trap. They don’t know where to start and they don’t know how to start writing their content. So they, therefore, go to another website to get content and start putting such content on their website.

This is something Google will definitely penalize you for. Google will definitely refuse your application if you are simply copying and pasting people’s content. There are a lot of websites you can visit or apps that can help you check if your content has been plagiarised.

Google will definitely not approve your application if your write-ups are plagiarised. So make sure your content is always unique. People don’t really know that Google is watching their images as much as they think. A lot of people are so focused on the write-up and not the images. If you use copyright images on your blog/website, Google will definitely not give you their approval.

Google is very particular about copyright. Take note that a lot of us just visit any website and download images or copy and save them; use them back on our website. Most of these images have properties that can be read by Google and most search engines. So it will still show Google that this image was gotten from ‘x’ website. I advise you to go to a free picture website where you can get free pictures to use.

Personally, I will advise you to create your pictures yourself (using a camera). Still, if that is difficult, I advise you use post-production tools like Photo-editors where you can edit and rename the content/properties of such images. Don’t just grab a picture from the internet or from another website down to your website. I advise you to give credit to website owners if you are using their images/content. Create backlinks for such content.

Have a nice blog design and structure

Here, we are simply saying the structure of your website or blog should be well arranged. Your header, footer, sidebar, etc., should be well arranged. They should not be complicated for readers to read or hard for viewers or readers to comprehend. Make sure your website is very simple and plain to understand.

Check if your website or blog has been banned by Google

Google sometimes ban some website from being found on their search engines. So make sure your website is not banned.

How to get Google AdSense Approval fast

Make sure you are sharing your post on your social media platforms

Google doesn’t really factor this in their approval process but Google will definitely feel you are a trusted brand if you are sharing your post on various social media platforms.

Have a contact page, an about page and a privacy page

So, make sure you have your contact page; this will tell Google that you are a serious brand and you have a contact people can reach you. Have an about page; this will tell Google that you have a page people can see what you are about. Have a privacy page; this will make Google know you are serious about copyright.

How to get Google AdSense Approval fast, contact page, about page and privacy page


Make sure you are up to 18 years old and you have a Gmail account

So make sure you are up to 18 years old when you apply for Google AdSense approval. This is because according to Google AdSense policy you have to be up to 18 years to benefit from Google AdSense. Google will not give you a Google AdSense account if you do not have a Gmail account.

So Gmail account is very important. Also, make sure you comply with Google AdSense policy. You can check the Google AdSense policy page to see some of the things Google will be requiring from you. For instance, there are some topics Google doesn’t want you to write about. They won’t be giving you approval if you are writing about such topics. So you can check that out to make sure you fulfil the Google AdSense policy.

Removal of all other Ads. Network

Whenever you intend to apply for Google AdSense, remove all other Ads. Network. Although Google is not opposed to you having them on your blog while you are applying for Google AdSense but it gives Google a chance to know you are serious about getting their approval.

Check your traffic sources

Google hates people using paid traffic to drag traffic to their website. Google wants unique and organic traffic to come to a website; so their customers can get value for their money when they pay for Google ads.


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