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  • Facebook Content Strategy – Facebook Marketing Strategy

    Facebook Content Strategy – Facebook Marketing Strategy

    A well-planned Facebook content strategy will help you with your Facebook marketing. Content is what makes up the web. In this day and age, you have to be a content creator, to be able to market your business. So if you are just starting out on Facebook or your page isn’t growing as fast as […]

  • How to get Google AdSense Approval fast

    We will look at how to get Google AdSense approval for your blog really fast. I don’t want you to be denied once, twice or thrice or up to seven times like me. Personally, I was rejected seven (7) times by Google when I made my own Google AdSense application. I have been down there […]

  • 10 Things Every New Wig must know – Tips for New Lawyers

    I will be discussing 10 (ten) things every new wig must know – tips for new Lawyers. However, this writeup will also be very useful for old wigs. Before I “unzip the box”, I will want to congratulate you on your Call to Bar. It is no small feat to be called to the Nigerian […]

  • How to Host Zoom Meetings via a phone or computer

    This post will be helping you out on how to host zoom meetings via your phone or computer. To host a zoom meeting, you need to have a zoom app and sign in properly. Note that zoom meetings with more than 3 participants last for 40 minutes for the free zoom app. Zoom meetings currently […]

  • How to Create a Facebook Page for Business

    Why use Facebook for fun only? If you have a business, no matter the size you should learn how to create a Facebook page for business. With a reach of 2 billion users worldwide, you are guaranteed to meet a lot of customers – if you play your cards right. If you own a small […]

  • 5 Social Media Marketing Solutions to help you grow your page

    This post helps to share great light on 5 Social Media Marketing Solutions to help you grow your Social Media page. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Wechat, etc are now some of the major social media tools that users all over the world use to market their product. Social Media has […]

  • How to make your Boss like You – 10 tips

    Knowing how to make your boss like you is important for any employee that is serious about increasing his/her career growth. More often than not, people complain about the ill treatment they get from their bosses in the office. It is also no news that some bosses are out to frustrate your effort while others […]

  • Cell phone etiquette at work you should know – 11 tips

    Cell phone etiquette at work has now become a major concern for the corporate world. There is now a greater clamour for cell phone etiquette at work by employers due to the fact that employees are unconsciously using their phones to reduce their productivity at work. However, some employers now provide rules guiding how their […]

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