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  • Top 5 “wahala be like bicycle” situation in law

    The top five “wahala be like bicycle” situation in law is looked at in this writeup. When people say “Wahala be like bicycle” in Nigeria, it simply means that some simple actions can easily lead to a lot of problems or consequences. It also means man’s problem in life is endless.     In regards […]

  • 10 Things Every New Wig must know – Tips for New Lawyers

    I will be discussing 10 (ten) things every new wig must know – tips for new Lawyers. However, this writeup will also be very useful for old wigs. Before I “unzip the box”, I will want to congratulate you on your Call to Bar. It is no small feat to be called to the Nigerian […]

  • 3 Actionable Ways to Successfully Re-Brand Your Law Firm

    We shall consider three actionable ways to successfully re-brand your law firm. A brand is much more than the word implies. Whereas ‘to brand’ means to attach identification to something – as in branding cattle and such. these days law firm branding is more about getting your audience to understand the overall experience. Think of […]

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