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  • How to file for divorce in Nigeria – Grounds for Divorce

    Knowing how to file for divorce in Nigeria is handy whether you want to file for a divorce or not in Nigeria. The sole ground for filing a divorce in Nigeria is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably (see S.15(1) of the Matrimonial Causes Act). There are so many things one have to consider […]

  • Nigerian Labour law – Position of the Law on Selected Labour Matters

    We can’t talk about the Nigerian Labour Law without talking about the National Industrial Court. The National Industrial Court of Nigeria is a special court that has been set up to specifically deal with labour matters. It was originally established in 1976 by the Trade Dispute Act, CAP 432 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria […]

  • How to compile and transmit Record of Appeal

    Knowing how to compile and transmit Record of Appeal is very important for every lawyer. Transmitting Record of Appeal can seem scary a thing to do. My mission is not to frighten you, but to serve as a guide for you. Before we talk about the ABC steps of compiling and transmitting a Record of […]

  • The Supreme Court of America Biggest Decisions in 2018

    We all know how important the Supreme Court rulings are and how it affects the life of the people. After all, it is the highest judiciary in the country, its judgment/decision is final, and it cannot be appealed or challenged. That said; let take a look at some of the Supreme Court of America biggest […]

  • How to Move a Motion in Court – All the details

    How to Move a Motion in Court – All the details

    Knowing how to move a Motion in court is fundamental for any lawyer in Nigeria. Moving a Motion in a Nigeria court can seem quite easy. However, for the new wigs and sometimes the old-timers in the legal profession, this is no small task. I have had some terrible experiences with this, hence my eagerness […]

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