Google docs App – How does Google Docs work

Google Docs app is perhaps one app everybody should have in their stock of apps. The app is one of the numerous apps offered by Google (the search engine giant).

Google Docs app is a word processor app that has its web version on Google Chrome as part of the native apps attached to the Chrome browser. The App is a must-have app. Your work is sync between your Chrome browser and your phone.

Google docs app - how does google docs work

The app is for people who like to work on their laptop and phone without losing any details or work done at the same time and at a different location.

Using Google docs app – hidden features

This App is used for creating new documents or editing existing files. The App allows you to share with other users and edit documents with them. It is the perfect solution to working anywhere and anytime – even offline.

You can also add your response to comments, as it allows you to drop a comment and respond to comment on your work that others can see if granted such access. That is, a lot of people can work on the same document and given the required permission from a user, You can also edit the document.

You can also research right from the App with Explore. The App opens, edit and save Word document.

Google docs app - how does google docs work

However, the Google Docs app can work offline. That way no content is sync until you put the offline switch off.  However, we recommend you constantly leave it to work online for a smooth workflow.

This way you can simply work at home, take your phone out for a drink with friends without stopping your work. This is perhaps one of the greatest features of the App.

This app allows you to also put a comment that others can see if you give them access to view and edit any document. The App is currently accessible and downloadable for all Android and iOS devices for free.

To Download the App:

  • Visit your Google Play-store or iOS Store
  • Locate the search bar at the top of your page
  • Search “Google docs”
  • Click “Download”
  • Then, Install.

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