How to Use LinkedIn for Business – 5 tips

So you are using LinkedIn but you are not seeing the result you expected, and you are wondering why it’s not working for you as it should. well, it’s most likely because you are not doing it right. The following tips will show you how to optimize your LinkedIn page and show you how to use LinkedIn for business:

how to use LinkedIn for business


– Be clear about your objectives

Why are you on LinkedIn? A lot of people join LinkedIn because they heard that it is very good for business people, while it’s true, it is not by itself a sufficient reason. You need to be specific about your objectives and what you hope to get out LinkedIn. If you are a business owner, there are three main objectives when it comes to LinkedIn;

  • Generating leads
  • Becoming an authority and
  • Identifying partnerships

– Determine your audience

If you want to know how to use LinkedIn for business, then you need to find your audience. Since you’ve stated your objective, finding your target audience should not be too difficult. If you are looking to generate leads then you should be in forums that are related to your niche, you shouldn’t just join those forums; be active, ask questions and also reply others.

If you are looking to become an authority, you should be willing to write great contents for the niche you want to become an authority in. You should also collaborate with other authorities such as influencers and journalists. If you are looking for business collaboration, then you can identify complementary businesses to work with.

– Create great contents

For a lot of people, taking the time to come up with LinkedIn content can be tasking, and it is understandable. Creating great content can be time-consuming. What I would recommend is set time apart for LinkedIn content, it could be once a week or every day depending on how much time you can spare.

No matter what you choose, just ensure you post regularly. Make sure the content you come up with is not too long, so as not to discourage people from reading.

After writing great contents, I would recommend asking your contacts to share it to increase its reach.

– Have a clean profile

Keep your profile as professional as possible. Make sure your LinkedIn profile or business page is structured to state exactly what you do. Ensure you have professional headshots or nice attractive graphics for your profile image or cover photo, that represents you. In your description, describe in clear terms what you do. If you are an entrepreneur, state clearly the nature of your business, the kind of services you offer.

Don’t post things that are not necessary, if you are a business owner. It is not necessary to post where you went to school or when you got your degree. People don’t really care; they just want to know what is in it for them.

Don’t forget to include your contact details, so that your potential customers can reach you. If you don’t know how to do this, you can always hire a professional to help you clean up your page. Finally, make sure your profile is updated as often as possible.

– Be active

Being active on LinkedIn will increase your chances of being seen by other clients, posting regularly is good, but it is not enough, you have to mingle with potential clients and people from your industry.

Now you know how to use LinkedIn for business. It is not as difficult as it sounds right?

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