How to Host Zoom Meetings via a phone or computer

This post will be helping you out on how to host zoom meetings via your phone or computer. To host a zoom meeting, you need to have a zoom app and sign in properly.

Note that zoom meetings with more than 3 participants last for 40 minutes for the free zoom app. Zoom meetings currently can be hosted via a phone or computer.

how to host a zoom meeting

How to host a Zoom meeting on a phone 

  1. Open your zoom app and log in.
  2. For new users, you will have to signup on Zoom and fill all necessary information available for new users.
  3. To start your meeting immediately, click on the NEW MEETING icon.
  4. You can choose to leave your video on or off and click on start a meeting.
  5. At the bottom of your screen, you will see the following buttons 
    • Mute: This turns on or off the microphone when clicking on it.
    • Stop video: Turns the video off.
    • Share: This helps you to share documents or any information you want to share with your participants
    • Participants: This is where you can invite your participants and also mute your participants
    • More: This gives you access to more options
  6. Click on the participants’ button to invite your participants via message, messenger, mail and other apps. You can also copy the invite link by clicking on the ‘copy invite link button‘ and send it to anyone or anywhere.
  7. If you set up a password, you need to give the invited participants the password to enable them to join the meeting. If you also selected the option of waiting room, you have to accept your participants before they can join the meeting. 
  8. When you swipe left, your video and microphone will be muted and when you swipe right, you will see the videos of every participant engaged in the meeting.
  9. When the meeting is over, you can swipe to the left and click on the end button to remove just yourself or to end the entire meeting. 

When a meeting is supposed to start later on (Scheduled meetings):

  1. Click on the schedule icon instead of the new meeting icon.
  2. Create a name for your meeting, set date and time, select repeat if you constantly want to repeat the meeting.
  3. Enable host video, participants’ video and adjust other settings you want.
  4. Enable waiting room if you want to accept participants before they can join the meeting and record the meeting if you want to use the content of the meeting later.
  5. Add to your calendar to help you stay organised and click on the done button at the top.
  6. You will get the option of sending the scheduled meetings via Gmail, Yahoo mail and email. Click outside that to get other options.
  7. Click on add invitees to send the schedule via message, messenger, mail and other apps. You can also copy the invite link by clicking on the ‘copy invite link button‘ and send it to anyone or anywhere. 
  8. Wait for your participants to join at the scheduled time and accept them to the meeting. 

Zoom Recorded Meetings

How to host Zoom meetings on a computer

To host a zoom meeting on a computer, you need to have the Zoom software installed and sign in using your zoom identity or Gmail address and password. 

Note: The procedure is the same as hosting on a phone. The difference is in the position of buttons and icons and some other features that one can enable on a computer.

Difference between hosting a zoom meeting on a phone and on a computer

  1. When hosting a zoom meeting on a computer, you can view up to forty-nine (49) participants at a time on the gallery while you can view only four (4) on your phone while you swipe for more participants.
  2. Changing virtual backgrounds, using filters and enhancing appearance can be done with a laptop but not with a phone.
  3. All shortcuts like using the space bar to mute microphone are only available on computers but not on phones.
  4. You can record and save your meeting for future use or reference. This feature is only available on the computer.
  5. Zoom computer version allows the host to create, edit, launch polls, control who can share screen in the meeting and broadcast meetings live but the phone version does not permit this.
  6. The computer version of zoom allows the host to manage status, contacts and chats unlike that of the phone. 


We have been able to discuss how to host zoom meetings; via a phone or computer. From our discussion, you can definitely see that hosting a zoom meeting is not as difficult as it looks.

Note: You need a headphone and microphone to avoid unnecessary issues with sound. 


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