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  • Digital marketing – Fundamentals of digital marketing

    Digital marketing can be defined as all online routes or platform used to market a product or a business. Digital marketing used to be a relative unpopular concept until recently when the entire world seems to be buying and selling almost anything and everything online.   Digital marketing fundamentals The concept of digital marketing before […]

  • Car wreck lawyer – why you should hire one?

    The guidance of a reliable car wreck lawyer can go a long way in reducing the amount of paperwork and hassles involved in a case. Should I get an attorney after a car accident? Car accidents are quite common these days. It does not matter whose fault it is, car wrecking can create a lot […]

  • How to compile and transmit Record of Appeal

    Knowing how to compile and transmit Record of Appeal is very important for every lawyer. Transmitting Record of Appeal can seem scary a thing to do. My mission is not to frighten you, but to serve as a guide for you. Before we talk about the ABC steps of compiling and transmitting a Record of […]

  • Cell phone etiquette at work you should know – 11 tips

    Cell phone etiquette at work has now become a major concern for the corporate world. There is now a greater clamour for cell phone etiquette at work by employers due to the fact that employees are unconsciously using their phones to reduce their productivity at work. However, some employers now provide rules guiding how their […]

  • Types of Wills and what you need to know about them

    There are several types of Wills. A Will is a written or oral testament of how a person wants his property shared upon his demise. It must be voluntary written to be valid without force or undue influence. A testator must also have the capacity to make a Will for such a Will to be […]

  • Intellectual Property Law – What you should know

    Intellectual Property Law deals with areas of one’s intelligence. This area of law protects creative works, artistic works, inventions, etc. Intellectual property law deals more with the intangible works or property of a person. Under Intellectual Property Law, a person gets a unique form of protection for the ownership of his literal works, discoveries, and […]

  • Capacity to make a Will and its effects

    Capacity to make a Will is one of the key conditions necessary for the validity of a will. One’s capacity to make a Will is determined from their legal and mental capacity. Legal Capacity to make a Will Under Common law, the legal and mental capacity of someone to make a Will is referred to […]

  • Production Sharing Contract in Nigeria – Overview

    Production sharing contract (PSC) is simply a contract between a Country or its National Oil Company (NOC) and a Foreign Oil Company (FOC); under this contract the country grants to the FOC the right to conduct Exploration and Production activities in a delimited area and for a limited time. The FOC bears all the costs […]

  • Advantages of making a Will – 10 benefits

    Advantages of making a will are quite numerous. However, we will be looking at some of the benefits and advantages of making a will in detail. A will is a testamentary document made by a testator to guide, direct and control his affairs/properties upon his death. Now let’s look at 10 benefits/advantages of making a […]

  • Power of Attorney (POA) – Complete guide

    Power of attorney (POA) is an instrument of delegation and not an instrument that can transfer interest of a subject-matter of the delegation. A Power of attorney usually involves two parties; called the donor (also referred to as grantor or Principal) and Agent (also referred to as an Attorney in fact or Donee). In some […]

  • Everything You need to know to hire Intellectual Property Lawyers or become one

    Intellectual property lawyer specializes in intellectual property law. This law involved governs designs, artwork, and inventions and seeks to protects them from being copied/plagiarized. So our task is to bring to fore everything you need to know to hire intellectual property lawyers or become one yourself. The laws specifically give people inducements to improve their […]

  • Things You should know about Debt Consolidation Law

    The process of debt consolidation has been considered as crucial at such stages where a person is undergoing a tough financial situation. Financial crunch does not come with prior notice, and we can make preparations to overcome crunch to some extent only. Grossly, we have to focus on making enough savings for the future so […]

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